Typical Mixing Process - Spin-Column

Norgen's line of blood/plasma/serum sample preparation products provide fast, robust, reliable and simple procedures for isolating and purifying high quality macromolecules such as DNA, RNA, circulating nucleic acids and microRNA from a wide range of sample volumes. The sensitivity and speed of these kits make them very useful and powerful tools for isolating high quality analytes for various applications.

Spin-Column Format


Cat. No Name Size Input Volumes
46300 Blood DNA Isolation Mini Kit 50/100 preps 20-200 µL
51400 Blood DNA Isolation Midi Kit 20 preps 0.3-2 mL
31200 Blood DNA Isolation Maxi Kit 12 preps 3-10 mL
59800 Blood DNA Isolation Kit (Magnetic Bead System) 50 preps Max 200 µL
46350 Blood DNA Isolation 96-Well Kit 2 x 96-well plates 20-200 µL
36000 Dried Blood Spot (DBS) DNA Isolation Kit 50 preps 3 x 3 mm punches
Cat. No Name Size Input Volumes
17200 Total RNA Purification Kit 50 preps up to 200 µL
24300 Total RNA Purification 96-Well Kit 2 x 96-well plates 10-150 µL
21250 Leukocyte RNA Purification Plus Kit 50 preps 10 µL-3 mL


Slurry Format