Some of our Buffers and Reagents and Protein Buffers Protein Solutions and Reagents: Convenient, ready-to-use buffers for polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and Western blotting applications including electrophoresis reagents, loading dyes, staining and destaining solutions and blotting reagents.
Some of our Buffers and Reagents and DNA and RNA Solutions DNA and RNA Solutions and Reagents: High quality, ready-to-use solutions including DNA and RNA electrophoresis solutions, DNA and RNA electrophoresis dyes, DNA and RNA blotting solutions, and general purpose DNA and RNA solutions.
Some of our Buffers and Reagents and Cell Lysis Reagents Cell Lysis Reagents: Convenient, ready-to-use solutions for the lysis of bacteria, cells and tissues, including red blood cells.
Some of our Buffers and Reagents and ELISA Reagents ELISA Solutions and Reagents: A wide range of high quality reagents for use in ELISA and Western blotting, including coating buffers, blocking buffers, loading buffers, substrates and general purpose buffers.
Some of Our Molecular Biology Kits and Assays Molecular Biology Kits and Assays: Rapid, sensitive and convenient kits for measuring the efficiency of homologous recombination, assaying the transfection efficiency of mammalian cells, and diagnosing mycoplasma contamination in cell culture.