cf-DNA-cf-RNA Preservation Tube Preservation Tube
cf-DNA & cf-RNA Stabilization and Isolation for Liquid Biopsy Applications including NIPT and NGS
  • Fixative-free preservative, no cross-linking of DNA
  • Preserve cf-DNA/ct-DNA for 30 days at ambient temperature and for up to 8 days at 37°C
  • Preserve cf-RNA for 30 days at ambient temperature
  • Preserve Circulating Tumour Cells (CTCs) for 14 days at ambient temperature
  • No plasma volume loss after shipping/transportation
  • Prevent hemolysis allowing better separation of plasma
  • Prevent apoptosis of blood cells and fragmentation of genomic DNA
  • Produce high quality/quantity of plasma cf-DNA/ct-DNA/cf-RNA
  • Vacuumed to draw 8.4 mL of blood in 10 mL tubes

cf-DNA/cf-RNA Preservative Tubes - Research Use

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