Urine Collection and Preservation Devices
Longest Stability at Room Temperature
  • RNA/microRNA/DNA/Proteins are preserved for more than 2 years at room temperature in Norgen's Urine Preservative
  • Compatible with most DNA, Total RNA, microRNA and protein isolation methods
  • Preservative is available in a single dose liquid format (ampoule)
  • Preservative is also available in a dried format in tubes - Urine Collection and Preservation Tubes
  • Convenient and useful for preserving cell-free macromolecules as well as exfoliated cells and microorganisms during shipping of urine at ambient temperatures

Urine Sample Purification Kits

Norgen's line of urine sample preparation products provide fast, robust, reliable and simple procedures for preserving, concentrating, isolating and purifying high quality macromolecules including cell-free total proteins, DNA, RNA and microRNA, as well as exfoliated cells and microorganisms from less than 1 mL up to 50 mL of urine. The sensitivity and speed of these kits make them very useful and powerful tools for isolating high quality analytes from urine for applications not only in biomarker discovery and diagnosis but also in the monitoring of renal and other diseases.