Molecular Diagnostic Services for Research and Clinical Trials

Molecular Diagnostic Services for Research and Clinical Trials

Norgen offers a number of laboratory services to the scientific community and for medical device developers and manufacturers including highly competent molecular diagnostic testing for both research purposes and clinical trials. These services include:

  • Nucleic acid-based pathogen detection from various types of samples including human, environmental, food and agricultural samples
  • Pathogen surveillance
  • Development of novel pathogen detection procedures
  • Molecular diagnostic product or protocol validation for regulatory submissions
  • Quality control for viral, and bacterial production facilities, including batch monitoring, strain identification, molecular characterization using quantitative PCR, Sanger Sequencing or Next Generation Sequencing
  • Precise quantification of copy number of viral, bacterial, or purified nucleic acids standards using quantitative real-time PCR.
  • Development of diagnostic kits from concept to product
  • Manufacturing diagnostic kits for molecular testing

Molecular diagnostic services are performed in Norgen’s state-of-the-art facilities by our skilled and professional scientists. For more information about our molecular diagnostic services and to discuss your project and how Norgen can work with you, please email us at or contact us through any of our available contact information.

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