Out-Licensing Opportunities

Norgen Biotek Corp. has developed a unique platform technology based on a proprietary resin/matrix with many applications including the purification, concentration and clean-up of DNA, RNA and proteins from various specimen types. We have established that our resin has unique reversible binding properties for biomolecules, and is therefore very useful in the separation and purification processes of such molecules. The efficient purification, concentration and fractionation of macromolecules using this technology is already well documented at the analytical scale, and this platform technology will also excel at the industrial scale for a number of reasons. Among these reasons are the following:



Norgen’s proprietary technology can be successfully used in industrial processes for removing substances from a liquid by passing said liquid through a filter bed comprised of Norgen’s resin, which is an inexpensive, environmentally-friendly filter media that can easily be regenerated in place and re-used. Norgen’s resin can be used either as a filter bed or as a depth filter, due to the density of the resin. Furthermore, the by-products from the filtration can be successfully recovered from Norgen’s resin. To learn more about the use of Norgen’s technology for industrial scale filtration applications, please contact us.

Plasmid DNA Purification

Norgen’s proprietary technology can be successfully used to purify nucleic acids at the industrial scale. Our sample preparation kits currently isolate microgram to milligram quantities of plasmid DNA, and we have also produced preparative chromatography columns that can isolate gram quantities of plasmid DNA. As our technology is highly scaleable, the isolation of hundreds of grams to kilograms of DNA is very straight forward. The purified plasmid DNA is highly pure, with no contaminating RNA, proteins or genomic DNA, and is also endotoxin free. To learn more about industrial scale purification of plasmid DNA using Norgen’s technology, please contact us.

plasmid dna purification

Plasma Protein Fractionation

We have shown that our technology can successfully be used to fractionate plasma and serum proteins using our proprietary resin, including albumin, α-antitrypsin, transferin, haptoglobin, IgG and membrane glycoproteins. We have developed our ProteoSpin™ Serum Depletion Kit based on this technology, and the procedure can easily be scaled up for use at the industrial scale. To learn more about plasma protein fractionation using Norgen’s technology, please contact us.