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In this webinar we explore Next Generation Sequencing applications for analyzing circulating analytes contained within liquid biopsy samples.
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Challenges in RNA Processing and Analysis from Liquid Biopsies


August 18, 2022

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Challenges in RNA Processing and Analysis from Liquid Biopsies

45 minute live Q&A

10:30 AM (EDT)

Featured Speakers

Dr. M. Abdalla, MSc, PhD. - Director of Sales & Marketing,
Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Patricia Barbalho, MSc, PhD. - Research Scientist
Dr. Alex Chauhan, MSc, PhD. - Research Scientist
Michelle Stopher - Key Account Manager

Key Questions We Will Answer

  1. What is the best method of sample preparation to maintain RNA integrity for liquid biopsy samples?
  2. What is the expected yield of RNA from various liquid biopsy samples?
  3. What is the best method of quantification for ultra-low RNA concentrations?
  4. How can I maximize RNA concentration for downstream applications, such as NGS?
  5. What is the difference between RNA-seq and small RNA-seq, and which one should I use with my liquid biopsy samples?


Join our expert panel of scientists in this Live Q&A session to explore all of the complexities of processing and analyzing RNA from liquid biopsy samples. Liquid biopsy samples are increasingly becoming one of the most valuable, minimally-invasive sources of information as the basis of diagnosis and disease monitoring as well as disease prevention. Biospecimens such as plasma, serum and urine contain various biomarkers that provide key insights into changes within the genome, epigenome, transcriptome and proteome of a patient. In this webinar, we'll answer all of your RNA questions related to biological specimen handling, RNA purification, quantification and downstream applications, including qRT-PCR and Next Generation Sequencing.

Patricia Barbalho and Alex Chauhan

About the speakers

Dr. Patricia Barbalho, PhD, is the most recent addition to Norgen's ever growing Research & Development Team. With a PhD in medical genetics, she currently works as a Research Scientist overseeing the testing and validation of Norgen's product portfolio including nucleic acid purification kits, MDx assays as well as biospecimen collection devices for regulatory submission for in vitro diagnostics. Dr. Barbalho plays an instrumental role in achieving regulatory certifications from international bodies for Norgen's product line including CE marking, Health Canada and the FDA.

Dr. Alex Chauhan, PhD, is a Research Scientist on Norgen's Next Generation Sequencing Services Team. With a PhD in applied sciences and cancer biology, Dr. Chauhan has extensive expertise working with liquid biopsy samples of all types. He oversees all client NGS projects, and specifically works with Small RNA-Sequencing for challenging ultra-low input sample types, such as cerebral spinal fluid and plasma/serum. In addition to his contributions to the NGS team, Dr. Chauhan holds a valuable role in Research & Development for Norgen's line of cell-free RNAand cell-free DNA purification kits.