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Everything You Need to Know About Exosomes

From Purification to Disease Monitoring

45 minutes + live Q&A

Key Questions We Will Answer

  1. The differences between several exosome purification technologies.
  2. The composition and capabilities of exosomes.
  3. How exosomes can be used for disease monitoring and detection.
  4. How to interpret information found in exosomes.


An accumulation of evidence has shown that exosomes and other extracellular vesicles (EVs) complete cell-to-cell communication by transmitting information to different cells throughout the human body. However, the function and/or physiology of cells can actually be altered upon the transmission of the exosomal contents to a distant or neighbouring cell. Recent research has identified the presence of specific microRNA (miRNA) signatures within exosomes that are related to specific diseases and can be used as biomarkers. Exosomal miRNA profiles have been found to vary significantly depending on the purification or isolation methods used. Therefore, in order to create a reliable RNA profile that could be used as a biomarker, exosome purification and isolation techniques must be taken into consideration since exosomes mainly contain low concentrations of miRNA

About the Speakers

Dr. Abdalla, MSc, PhD is the Director of Marketing & Sales at Norgen Biotek Corp., Senior Research Scientist and has taken on the role of Laboratory Director for Norgen’s COVID-19 testing service. Succeeding his masters in Biochemistry at Alexandria University, Egypt, Dr. Abdalla completed his PhD at Brock University, where he specialised in HCV-related liver cancer biomarker discovery from urine. Dr. Abdalla joined the team at Norgen Biotek over 14 years ago, specializing in sample preparation from challenging samples and molecular diagnostics. During his time at Norgen, Dr. Abdalla has developed many cutting-edge research and diagnostic tools for scientific use. As the Director of Marketing and Sales, he and his team strategically employed global awareness initiatives that would position Norgen as a thought leader within the industry. He leveraged Norgen’s outstanding technology, developed in-house, to laboratories and ensured a quality product was always distributed to the labs in need. With his team of research scientists, they ensured the efficacy of Norgen’s testing service and the high performance of Norgen’s products.