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Liquid Biopsy: Paving the Path for NGS-Based Biomarker Discovery

45 minutes + live Q&A

Key Questions We Will Answer

  1. The advantages of liquid biopsies as a biospecimen for disease detection & monitoring
  2. The composition of liquid biopsy samples and the importance of each analyte
  3. Current Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) applications driving translational clinical research
  4. A spotlight on Small RNA-Seq as an application for biomarker discovery
  5. Emerging RNA-Seq applications for transcriptomics from liquid biopsies & the challenges


Liquid biopsy samples are increasingly becoming one of the most valuable, minimally-invasive sources of information as the basis of diagnosis and disease monitoring as well as disease prevention. Biospecimens such as plasma, serum and urine contain various biomarkers that provide key insights into changes within the genome, epigenome, transcriptome and proteome of a patient. Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is an extraordinary tool enabling researchers to dive deeper into the contents of liquid biopsy samples to advance discoveries in the fields of cancer research and complex disease genomics. In this webinar, we will discuss the various Next Generation Sequencing applications that can be explored which allow researchers to analyze the circulating analytes contained within liquid biopsy samples. We will focus a spotlight on Small (micro) RNA-Sequencing from cell-free RNA and RNA derived from exosomes, as an application for biomarker discovery and understanding cell to cell communication. We will also discuss the emerging field of transcriptome sequencing from cell-free RNA in liquid biopsy samples, the challenges of library preparation, and the immense potential of profiling circulating transcripts.

About the Speakers

Hi! My name is Dr. Mohamed El-Mogy

Dr. El-Mogy is the Director of R&D Services at Norgen Biotek and has been with Norgen for over 12 years. Dr. El-Mogy’s background is in cell and molecular biology with an extensive focus in sample preparation and NGS applications. He oversees Norgen’s Research and Development pipelines and also acts as a Senior Research Scientist for Norgen’s Next Generation Sequencing and Molecular Diagnostic Services. Dr. El-Mogy plays an instrumental role in the continual evolution of Norgen’s laboratory services and advancements in science.

Hi! My name is Michelle Stopher

Michelle is a Key Account Manager for Norgen’s Next Generation Sequencing Services and has been working closely with some of the largest, most influential research institutions and companies for over 5 years at Norgen. Michelle holds an Honours Bachelor Science in Cell and Molecular Biology from University of Toronto and her experience lends to her extensive knowledge of Norgen’s liquid biopsy portfolio. She strives to ensure that Norgen provides comprehensive NGS solutions for even the most challenging of sample types.