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Plasma/Serum Cell-Free Nucleic Acids

Understanding the Basics and Applications of Plasma/Serum cf-DNA and cf-RNA

45 minutes + live Q&A

Key Questions We Will Answer

  1. Plasma/serum purification and its use in diagnostics
  2. Methods available for plasma/serum collection and cf-DNA/RNA purification
  3. Types of Analysis and data that can be generated using cf-DNA/RNA
  4. Interpretation of Data for disease detection


Cell-free DNA (cf-DNA) and cell-free RNA (cf-RNA) are considered important biomarkers in plasma and serum for the detection of several diseases and conditions. These cf-DNA and cf- RNA are generally released in the bloodstream as the cells undergo apoptosis or necrosis. The cf-DNA and cf-RNA levels alter as per the underlying physiological processes, which might be driven by a disease or a condition. This is the basis of the non-invasive diagnosis and disease monitoring as well as disease prevention. The accurate detection of the cf-DNA/cf-RNA content in plasma/serum is influenced by the procedures implemented in the purification of cf-DNA/cf- RNA. In this webinar, we will discuss the different types of collection devices available to separate and preserve plasma/serum from blood. We will also discuss how different chemistries may affect cf-DNA/cf-RNA profiles. The webinar will also focus on cf-DNA/cf-RNA analysis methodologies and how these molecules can be exploited to generate data from instruments as simple as Qubit to as sophisticated as Next Generation Sequencing.

About the Speakers

Alex Chauhan is our upcoming scientist at Norgen Biotek Corp. Alex joint us 2 years back with a Ph.D. in applied sciences and experience in cancer biology. Since he is working with Norgen, he has been instrumental in development and improvement of cf-DNA/cf-RNA purification kits. His experience in handling liquid biopsies as well as purification and analysis of cf-DNA/cf-RNA is at par excellence. Nonetheless, he is also on our NGS panel of scientists and has experience in handling various sample types as well as sizes.