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Recent Advancements in Plant Pathogen Detection

Effective Diagnosis of Plant Diseases

45 minutes + live Q&A

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Key Questions We Will Answer

  1. Review the key categories of plant pathogens and challenges associated with detection of each group from a molecular perspective
  2. Understand the importance of robust DNA and RNA extraction methods for plant samples in the context of downstream detection methods
  3. Learn how to overcome challenges in extraction when working with difficult sample types
  4. Explore case studies demonstrating real-world applications of molecular detection methods for plant pathogen monitoring


Plant diseases and infections are a major factor in global crop failure, causing billions of dollars in economic loss each year and a significant impact on food security. Effective detection of plant pathogens is crucial to monitor crop and ecosystem health, and to determine best practices for remediation strategies. Molecular diagnostic methods utilizing genetic material from the plant and pathogen provide a powerful tool for identifying diseases. It allows for fast and accurate detection of pathogens, often before visual cues of infection can be identified. In this webinar, we will focus on nucleic acid (DNA and RNA)-based detection methods for plant pathogens, including key considerations in the testing workflow and how to overcome common laboratory challenges.

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