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Urine Exosomes

Top 6 Strategies in Sample Handling

45 minutes + live Q&A

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Key Questions We Will Answer

  1. Urine is a great biofluid for biomarker discovery and disease monitoring
  2. Best practices and six strategies for optimal sample handling
  3. Norgen's unique technology for exosome capture and purification
  4. Measuring exosomal RNA - selecting the proper tool for quantification


Urine has been steadily gaining popularity as a powerful tool for biomarker discovery as it is easy to collect, non-invasive and available in large quantities. More recently, exosomes have also been identified in urine and its inherent genetic material has proved to reflect an abundant amount of information related to an individual's pathophysiology. Traditional methods of sample handling are simply not robust enough for the molecular analysis required within precision medicine today. Since human urine is one of the most important fluids providing useful information about the body condition, appropriate pre-analytical techniques become critical towards its use within clinical and profiling applications. We discuss the top 6 strategies in sample handling and purification techniques that will lend itself towards the development of a standardized protocol and ultimately, a clean sample fit for investigation.

About the Speakers

Iva has a scientific and professional background in quality assurance and biological sciences. She has developed a portfolio of skill sets that has enabled her to analyze and address challenges within the laboratory through a critical lens. Having the ability to create new strategies and implement them in a manner that resonates with all researchers, she is a key driver to Norgen’s unique and enthusiastic culture. Her experience has provided her with the opportunity to be Norgen’s Product Specialist with a focus on urine liquid biopsy samples.