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Norgen’s Plasma/Serum cf-DNA Purification Kits Rise Above Others in Comparison Study

…the Norgen Plasma/Serum Circulating DNA Purification Mini Kit showed the best accuracy and reproducibility, but the Norgen kit allowed to extract a higher amount of ccfDNA. This workflow provides a reliable protocol for the multiple applications of ccfDNA in biomedicine.

Norgen’s Exosome Purification Kit Provides the Most Similar Profiles to Ultracentrifugation

We found that the miRNA profiles obtained from the Norgen Biotek Plasma/Serum Exosomal RNA kit were similar to profiles extracted from characterized exosomes isolated by the ultracentrifugation method...The use of the commercial kit would allow reproducibility across collection sites including the ability to efficiently process large number of samples



Our RNA isolations with your test kit look very promising...We obtained large quantities of intact RNA with a 260/280 of 1.99...The other thing I should mention about the RNA kit is that we saw no DNA - which is great!

Donovan Bailey - New Mexico State University

By far this is the best and easiest kit I have had to deal with dry tissue samples. Not Mobio or Qiagen. I am finding ways to quickly extract from the huge panel that I have.

- University of Pittsburgh