• Detection kits for the FHV
  • Available in 2 formats for analysis:

ItemsCat. #Size
FHV TaqMan PCR Kit TM44300 24 rxns
FHV TaqMan Probe/Primer and Control Set TM44310 100 rxns
FHV End-Point PCR Kit EP44300 24 rxns
FHV Primer and Control Set EP44310 100 rxns

FHV Detection Kits

Feline Herpes Virus (FHV) is a common causal agent of upper respiratory disease and eye inflammation in cats. The virus is an α-herpesvirus which is composed of double-stranded DNA. There is only one serotype of the virus. Most cats will be exposed to the virus during their lifetime, and symptoms are typically observed as mild to severe upper respiratory disease. Nasal and ocular discharge is also common. Additional symptoms include conjuntivitis, sneezing, anterior uveitis, stomatitis and may also include salivation and coughing. In severe cases, pneumonia may develop. Herpetic ulcerative dermatitis may also occur which can be observed as chronic, non-healing skin ulcers of the face and nose. Disease is usually self-limiting, although some cats may develop a chronic infection. Kittens are typically more severly affected by the disease. Virus is shed in the oral, conjunctival and nasal secretions of infected cats, with transmission mainly by direct cat-to-cat contact. Infected cats will shed virus for approximately 1 to 3 weeks. Most cats will become lifelong, latently infected carriers, with a proportion of these cats having a recurrence of symptoms and viral shedding following periods of stress or corticosteroid treatment. As the virus is wide-spread, it is important to have a good molecular diagnosis of the virus in order to distinguish it from other feline virus that causes similar symptoms.

There are 2 kits available for the detection of FHV:

FHV TaqMan PCR Kit
  • PCR control to monitor for PCR inhibition and validate the quality
  • Master Mix for the target and PCR control detection
  • Primer and Probe mix
  • Positive control and a negative control to confirm the integrity of the kit reagents
FHV End-Point PCR Kit
  • Master Mix and primers for the specific amplification of a 338 nucleotide region of the FHV genome
  • Positive control and a negative control to confirm the integrity of the kit reagents
  • Loading dye and a DNA ladder to facilitate analysis of the results

For research use only and NOT intended for in vitro diagnostics.

Storage Conditions and Product Stability
All kit components should be stored at -20°C upon arrival. Repeated thawing and freezing (> 2 x) of the Master Mix, Control Master Mix and Positive Control should be avoided, as this may affect the performance of the assay. If the reagents are to be used only intermittently, they should be frozen in aliquots. All reagents can be stored for 1 year at -20°C without showing any reduction in performance.

Kit Components
Component TaqMan Probe
Cat. TM44300
(24 rxns)
Cat. EP44300
(24 rxns)
MDx 2X PCR Master Mix - 350 µL
MDx TaqMan 2X PCR Master Mix 350 µL -
FHV Primer Mix 70 µL 70 µL
FHV Positive Control 50 µL 50 µL
Nuclease-Free Water (Negative Control) 1.25 mL 1.25 mL
Loading Dye - 100 µL
DNA Ladder - 100 µL
Product Insert 1 1
Component TaqMan
and Control Set
Cat. TM44310
(100 rxns)
and Control Set
Cat. EP44310
(100 rxns)
FHV Primer Mix 3 x 70 µL 3 x 70 µL
FHV Positive Control 3 x 50 µL 3 x 50 µL
Nuclease-Free Water (Negative Control) 1.25 mL 1.25 mL
Product Insert 1 1