Simple and efficient liquification of viscous sputum samples

  • Simple and efficient liquification
  • Sputum liquification to allow for the isolation of cells
  • Liquify sputum prior to nucleic acid isolation

ItemsCat. #Size
Sputum Liquifier 28289 10 mL

Sputum Liquification Buffer

Norgen’s Sputum Liquification Buffer is designed for the liquification of viscous sputum samples prior to isolation of cells for microscopy or nucleic acids for molecular testing. The homogenization of sputum samples is often desirable, particularly when there is a requirement for centrifugation to pellet cells or prior to the isolation of nucleic acids. The Sputum Liquification Buffer contains the mucolytic agent dithiothreitol which acts by reducing the disulfide bonds of the mucus proteins, thereby decreasing sample viscosity and allowing for easy handling and processing. Genomic DNA or RNA can then be isolated from the homogenized sample as Norgen’s Sputum Liquification Buffer is both DNAse and RNAse-free.

Nucleic acids can be isolated from the sputum samples via ethanol precipitation. Alternatively, nucleic acids can be isolated using other methods, such as Norgen's Sputum DNA Isolation Kit (Cat# 46200) which uses spin columns.


The Sputum Liquification Buffer should be stored at 15-30°C. When stored properly, the reagent should remain stable for at least two years. Diluted solution should be used as soon as possible, with unused portions stored at 4°C.