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sample collection and preservation Sample Collection and Preservation
Ready to collect some samples? Choose your collection and preservation devices, developed by the sample preparation experts!
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rna purification RNA Purification
RNA is our passion! Find the highest quality RNA extraction products with patented Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology here.
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dna purification DNA Purification
Choose from our diverse selection of DNA extraction products that have been used for the most innovative research!
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protein Protein Purification Kits
Looking for the perfect protein kit? Here you’ll find inclusion body protein extraction, urine protein concentration, on-column proteolytic digestion and more!
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multianalyte Multi-Analyte Kits
Avoid sample splitting and focus on isolating high quality RNA, DNA and proteins from a single sample.
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exosomes Exosomes
From intact exosome extraction to RNA isolation from purified exosomes, fulfill your exosome needs here for your next discovery!
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NGS prep tubes NGS Library Prep Kits
Simple and quick workflows for preparing your next library.
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Virus Purification Virus Purification
Isolate AAV and Adenoviral vectors fast with kits that make things easy. Highly active vectors for use in in vitro and in vivo transduction experiments.
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Microbiology kits and Assays Microbiology Kits & Assays
Looking to measure the efficiency of homologous recombination in cells OR detect mycoplasma contamination in cell cultures? You’re in the right place!
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Quantification Assays Quantification Assays
Quantify RNA, DNA and Illumina NGS Libraries (for Small RNA-Seq) over a wide spectrum of concentrations!
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PCR Regeants PCR Reagents
Find the PCR reagents that you’re looking for: PCR mastermix, essentials for reverse transcription and microRNA spike-in projects and more!
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Lab Essentials Lab Essentials
High quality lab essentials are crucial! Get your enzymes, buffers, reagents, nuclease-free water, plastics and filtration devices today.
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DNA and RNA Ladders DNA and RNA Ladders
Use promo code LADDER in checkout for a special discount on all DNA ladders. RNA ladders and internal lane standards also available!
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