Norgen Biotek offers a number of viral diagnostic services to the biotechnology industry. These PCR-based services were developed at Norgen. Services are currently available for PRRSV (Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome), SIV (Swine Influenza Virus), PCV (Porcine Circovirus) and the various strains of bird and human influenza virus, both seasonal and pandemic.

Available Tests:

  • PRRSV Differentiation Tests: Compare the current PRRSV strains infecting a herd with previous strains or other North American PRRSV strains. This service employs both PCR and Sequencing. A complete report of results is provided for each strain test.
  • SIV Differential PCR: We offer SIV differential PCR tests that distinguish between various SIV serotypes (e.g. H3N2, H3N1, H2N2 etc.)
  • PCV Differential PCR: We developed a PCR-based test to distinguish between different PCV serotypes.
  • Influenza (bird flu H5N1), H3N2, and H1N1.


Upon completion of the project, Norgen will provide a complete report of our findings including sequences alignments, restriction maps, nucleotide identity by sanger or Next Generation sequencing, viral sequence assembly, dendrograms etc.

We are interested in cooperating with companies involved in DNA-based diagnostic kits that may bundle with Norgens proprietary technology. If you have a diagnostic project that you wish to sub-contract or require professional consultation, please contact us at

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Last updated November 16, 2015.