If you will be shipping specimens to Norgen for DNA isolation, please reference the table below for our recommended amount or volume.

Specimen* Recommended Amount**
Stool 100-200 mg (fresh or frozen)
500uL (preserved stool) (if collected in Norgen's cat.#45660/63700 stool preservative)***
Urine 30 mL of fresh, frozen or preserved urine
Saliva 0.25 mL (fresh or frozen)
0.5 mL (preserved) (if collected in Norgen's cat.#RU49000 saliva preservative)***
Swab (skin, vaginal, oral, fecal, etc.) 1 swab (frozen)
1-2 mL (preserved) (if collected in Norgen's cat.#45690-B or cat.#45670-B swab preservative)***
Blood 100 uL
Saliva As little as 0.2 mL (Fresh saliva)
Soil Please contact us
Plant 100 mg
Water 100 mL

*If you are working with a specimen which is not listed, please contact services@norgenbiotek.com for our recommendation.

**Please note that these are Norgen Biotek's recommended input volumes to achieve optimal data. If you are working with lower volumes, our expert team will be happy to assist to you.

***We can accept specimens which have been chemically preserved by other commercially available buffers. Please contact services@norgenbiotek.com for our recommendation.