Sample Collection/Preservation and Preparation


RNA Kits

Total RNA, microRNA, siRNA...

DNA Kits

High quality DNA from any sample

Protein Kits

Desalting, detergent removal...

RNA/DNA/Protein Kits

Sequential isolation from RNA/DNA/protein

  • RNA Purification Kits
  • DNA Purification Kits
  • Protein Purification Kits
  • RNA/DNA/Protein Purification Kits


Sample Kit


  • Molecular Diagnostic Kits
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Molecular Diagnostics

Animal, human, plant pathogen detection

Sample Collection & Preservation

Saliva, stool, urine, blood, milk...

Exosomes & Exosomal RNA Kits

From urine, blood/plasma/serum...

Cell-Free Circulating DNA & RNA

cfc-DNA and cfc-RNA from bodily fluids

What's New

cDNA Synthesis

TruScript Reverse Transcriptase Kits

Ready-to-use, all in one kits


Stool Collection and Preservation

Stable & Reliable for Microbiomes

cfc and Fetal DNA

Plasma/Serum cfc-DNA Kits

Isolate inhibitor-free cfc-DNA

DNAse Digestion

RNAse-free DNAse I Kit

25% off when ordered alongside any RNA kit