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Nikola Breberina

A human mouth contains over 20 billion bacteria that reproduce roughly every five hours. That means if someone doesn’t brush their teeth for 24 hours, they will have over 100 billion bacteria living in their mouth!

3 minutes, 42 seconds read

Nikola Breberina

Preservation of urine samples is a hot topic, as many experiments involve collection of urine at an ancillary site and transportation or storage before it can be processed in the lab

3 minutes, 35 seconds read

The Norgen Team

Plum pox is a devastating viral disease that threatens Niagara’s stone fruit industry. The disease is caused by the plum pox virus (PPV) of the genus Potyvirus. Plants that are susceptible to PPV include peaches, nectarines, plums, and apricots.

1 minute, 30 seconds read

Patricia in the lab
Sohaib Siddiqui

Don't look now, but you're outnumbered by a factor of more than 10 to 1. You might not know it, but your body is basically an apartment building for a wide variety of microbes.

7 minutes read

Lea Milkin

In recent times, microbiome studies have rapidly increased in popularity, ranging in application from cancer to weight loss...

4 min read

Regan Bak

You are finally ready to start a new experiment with plasma or serum – congratulations! But what kind of data should you be expecting?

5 min read

Nikola Breberina

Did you know that Infections caused by bacteria remain one of the leading causes of death in lower-middle-income countries?

3 min read

Iva Laska

Multiple myeloma (MM) is a cancer of the blood that develops in the plasma cells in bone marrow. Plasma cells assist the immune system by producing antibody proteins as a  response to bacterial infections. 

8 min read

Zak Mason

Exosomes are a relatively recent discovery in medical history, having only been discovered independently in 1983. Six years before their discovery...

7 min read

Zak Mason

Often, forensic investigators arrive at a crime scene after things have been sitting for a while. This usually means...

4 min read

Zak Mason

When the average person says the words "heavy metal", they're probably referring to the genre of music with massive pyrotechnics, loud drums, and vocals that sound like a bag of angry cats.

6 min read

Mohamed Mahrouse

Are you fed up with the amount of samples you need to process manually? Need a solution to improve both your workflow efficiency and scalability? Look no further.

3 min read