RNA Purification
Total RNA, microRNA, in vitro transcription, RNA/DNA/Proteins from the same sample, plant and environmental, FFPE, cytoplasmic RNA and nuclear RNA, stool purification
DNA Purification
Genomic DNA, urine, blood, plasma, serum, plant and environmental, FFPE, clean-up, endotoxins, plasmid DNA, and food DNA purification
Protein Purification
Inclusion body, protein reagents, endotoxin removal, protein clean-up, abundant serum depletion, on-column proteolytic digestion, and urine protein purification
Sample Collection and Preservation Kits
Urine, stool, blood, plasma, serum, milk, saliva and sputum collection and preservation
Molecular Diagnostics
Human, animal, plant, food-borne, water-borne pathogen detection, cell culture detection, and quantified DNA standards for pathogens
Microbiome Collection, Preservation and Isolation
Complete solutions and kits for Metagenomics
Exosome Purification and RNA Isolation Kits
Urine and plasma/serum exosomal isolation kits
miRNA Sequencing Kits
Kits optimized for library preparation on an Illumina platform
Virus Purification
Rapid and simple concentration and purification of AAV vectors from cell lysates and/or cell culture media
Saliva Sample Preparation Kits
Saliva DNA collection, preservation and isolation products to satisfy any sample collection strategy or budget
Urine Sample Preparation
Protein purification, RNA/microRNA isolation and purification, DNA purification, concentration, preservation and isolation kits, and preservation tubes
Stool Sample Preparation Kits
Preserve and transport safely stool DNA & RNA at ambient temperature
Blood/Plasma/Serum Sample Preparation
Blood RNA preservative tubes and purification kits, blood sample preparation kits, and Plasma/Serum sample preparation kits
Swab Based Collection and Preservation
Collect from nasal, buccal, saliva, fecal, skin, surfaces, and more
cf-RNA and cf-DNA Purification
Purification of fragmented free-circulating DNA, RNA, exosomal RNA or total nucleic acids from variable volumes of plasma/serum or cell-free urine samples
Sputum Collection, Preservation, and Isolation Kits
Sputum DNA, Sputum liquefiers, and more...
Human Identity Testing Kits
Mitochondrial DNA, short tandam repeat, and warfarin genotyping kits
PCR Reagents
Reverse Transcriptase, Taq DNA polymerase, Master Mixes, dNTP set and dNTP mixes, and Nucleic Acid Modifying Enzymes
DNA and RNA Ladders
DNA and RNA ladders, and internal lane standards
Buffers, Reagents, and Assays
RNA/DNA/Protein Solutions and Reagents, Cell Lysis Reagents, ELISA Solutions and Reagents, Molecular Biology Kits and Assays
Plastics and Filtration Devices
Spin columns, bead tubes, 96-well plates, and centrifuge tubes