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Next Generation Sequencing is an important tool used in the field of genomic research allowing for high throughput and massively parallel sequencing of thousands of molecules simultaneously. NGS provides researchers with fast, scalable solutions for a clear, complete picture of their samples to advance their scientific discoveries.

Bioinformatics has quickly advanced to become an important and powerful application in biological research. It involves a combination of computational and statistical methods to better understand and analyze scientific data, guiding the research community to new opportunities and novel discoveries. As an emerging discipline, bioinformatics continues to be an essential tool for researchers in many fields including modern molecular biology and clinical research, with its applications leading to significant medical advancements and developments in future research to come.

Norgen Biotek offers comprehensive NGS services for small RNA, RNA, and metagenomics. Each service comes with a bioinformatics report tailored to your project's needs. Chat with our experts to learn more!

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Small RNA (microRNA) Sequencing

  • Comprehensive Service
  • Sequence Ultra-Low Inputs from Liquid Biopsies and Exosomes
  • Illumina® NextSeq Sequencing Platform
  • Capture and Identify Complete Range of Small RNA and miRNA Species
  • Understand Post-Transcriptional Regulation
  • Examine Differential Expression
  • Discover Novel Biomarkers
  • Fast Turn Around Time
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Illumina NextSeq
RNA (mRNA) Sequencing

RNA (mRNA) Sequencing

  • Comprehensive Service
  • Various Sample Types
  • Illumina® NextSeq Sequencing Platform
  • Capture and Identify Complete View of the Coding Transcriptome
  • Quantify Gene Expression
  • Discover Novel Transcript Features
  • Fast Turn Around Time
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Metagenomics Sequencing

  • Comprehensive Service for 16S rRNA and ITS Sequencing
  • DNA extraction service included
  • Easy to Challenging Sample Types including Environmental
  • Illumina® MiSeq Sequencing Platform
  • Analyze Entire Bacterial Communities with Comprehensive Bioinformatics Analysis Service
  • Identify Phylogenetic or Taxonomic Classifications
  • Fast Turn Around Time | 3 - 4 Weeks
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We provide fast, scalable NGS services for small RNA, RNA, and metagenomics. Our bioinformatics reports are tailored to your project's needs.