Oftentimes, there isn’t a simple black-and-white answer to the questions we ponder most. If you’re lucky, the biggest decision you may need to make today is what to have for dinner. However, getting answers about your health and well-being shouldn’t be a long, daunting process.

Imagine the scenario: The head of your department has approved the funds for your research project, you have your protocol set-up and you decide on an isolation kit. You’ve done the laborious task of collecting your samples and are excited to get your analysis moving along.

cross section of plum with plum pox virus (PPV)

What is Plum Pox Virus (PPV)?

plants in test tubes

Have you ever seen an apple with blotchy skin or an avocado with strange yellow markings? These abnormalities could be the result of the plant suffering from a viroid infection.

urine and blood samples with breast cancer pink ribbon

According to the World Health Organization, cancer was the leading cause of death worldwide in 2020 1.

COVID-19 positive and negative tests

Is it possible that your COVID-19 workflow is not as accurate as you may think?

Norgen scientist using Next Generation Sequencer

For the first time ever, the Human Genome Project gave researchers the ability to sequence the base pairs of human DNA and read a human's entire genetic makeup.

Biotechnology Converges: Global Distributor Meeting 2018

On July 10th and 11th 2018Norgen Biotek Corp.