A rapid all-in-one procedure for the preservation and isolation of milk DNA at ambient temperatures.

  • Milk samples are stable for 1 month at room temperature (or 1 week at 37°C) in the Preservation Solution
  • Fast and easy processing using a rapid spin-column format
  • DNA can be isolated and detected from as little as 100 µL of milk
  • Isolate high quality genomic DNA

ItemsCat. #Size
Milk DNA Preservation and Isolation Kit 44800 25 preps

Milk DNA Preservation and Isolation Kit

Norgen’s Milk DNA Preservation and Isolation Kit is an all-in-one solution designed for 1) preservation of DNA in milk samples at ambient temperature; and 2) isolation of high quality DNA within a laboratory setting. The kit is provided with a Preservation Solution that allows for either immediate processing of milk samples, or allows for the storage of the milk samples for up to 1 month at room temperature prior to DNA isolation. Genomic DNA extracted from somatic cells and bacteria found in milk can be used in various applications. The isolated DNA can be used for the detection of biomarkers to diagnose a disease, follow the diseases progress or monitor the effects of a particular treatment. Milk DNA can also be used to diagnose particular types of infections. Milk DNA purified using Norgen’s kit is of the highest quality, and is compatible with a number of downstream applications including PCR, Southern Blot analysis, sequencing and microarray analysis.

Milk DNA Preservative

Norgen’s Milk DNA Preservation Solution is an aqueous storage buffer designed for rapid cellular lysis and subsequent preservation of DNA from fresh specimens. The preservative prevents the growth of Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria and fungi, and also inactivates viruses allowing the resulting non-infectious samples to be handled and shipped safely. In addition, the preservative eliminates the need to immediately process or freeze samples and allows the samples to be shipped to centralized testing facilities at ambient temperature. The components of the preservative allow samples to be stored for 1 month without any detectable DNA degradation.


Kit Specifications
Maximum Milk Input
0.5 mL
Time to Complete 10 Purifications
80 minutes
(20 minutes hands on)

Storage Conditions and Product Stability
All solutions should be kept tightly sealed and stored at room temperature. These reagents should remain stable for at least 1 year in their unopened containers. The Proteinase K can be stored either at room temperature or 4°C.

Storage in Preservation Buffer
1) Storage at -20°C is recommended for archival samples and will provide optimal preservation. The preservation buffer will freeze at -20°C. Samples can be stored indefinitely at -70°C.
2) Samples can be stored at room temperature (25°C) for up to 1 month without significant loss of DNA quality.
3) DNA has also been successfully isolated from samples stored at 37°C 1 for one week.

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