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Isolation of high quality RNA, DNA and proteins from a single sample with no sample splitting

  • Wide offering of kits to purify multiple analytes (RNA, DNA, proteins) from a single sample either simultaneously or sequentially
  • No sample splitting, ideal for use with precious or difficult to obtain samples
  • No use of phenol or precipitation methods
  • Isolation of high quality total RNA, gDNA and proteins ideal for use in a number of sensitive downstream applications
  • Rapid, efficient and user-friendly procedures
  • Based on the sample input volume and/or sample type some kits offer small elution volumes to concentrate the purified analytes

Norgen’s multiple analyte kits are ideal for researchers who are interested in studying the genome, proteome and transcriptome of a single sample, such as for studies of microRNA profiling, gene expression including gene silencing experiments or mRNA knockdowns, studies involving biomarker discovery, and for characterization of cultured cell lines. This product line is especially useful for researchers who are isolating macromolecules from precious, difficult to obtain or small samples such as biopsy materials or single foci from cell cultures, as it eliminates the need to fractionate the sample. With the wide range of products available researchers are able to find the ideal kit suited for their study and applications.

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RNA, DNA & Protein Combination Kits

Plasma/Serum, Urine, Stool, FFPE, Cytoplasma & Environmental Combination Kits