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For the rapid removal of endotoxins from previously purified DNA

  • Purify DNA with endotoxin levels of less than or equal to 0.1 EU/µg DNA
  • Remove endotoxins from versatile DNA inputs
  • Recover endotoxin-free DNA with > 90% recovery rate
  • The recovered DNA is ready for transfections or other endotoxin-sensitive applications

Norgen’s endotoxin removal kits efficiently reduce endotoxins to 0.1 EU or less, providing plasmid DNA that is immediately ready for transfections or other endotoxin-sensitive applications.. Norgen's proprietary resin binds DNA while endotoxins, salts and other contaminants are washed away. The convenient spin column format can be completed in approximately 30 minutes with a typical recovery of DNA is >90% of the starting sample.