Food and Milk Pathogen Detection

Norgen’s Detection Kits are designed for the detection of pathogens and viruses for research use only and not for use in diagnostic procedures unless otherwise specified. Some products are also available CE marked for in vitro diagnostic use. These products are labelled with a Dx catalogue number. Please note that these CE marked kits are not available for sale in all geographic regions, including the USA.

All kits were developed and validated to be used with the following PCR instruments:

  • Qiagen Rotor-Gene Q
  • BioRad CFX96 Touch™ Real-Time PCR Detection System
  • QuantStudioTM 7 Pro Real-Time PCR System

Kits are compatible with most commercially available PCR detection systems. Please see kit protocol for more details on compatibility.

Detection Kits are Available in TaqMan Format:

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TaqMan PCR/RT-PCR Kit, 100 reactions
  • Ready to use format, including Master Mix for the target and PCR control to monitor for PCR inhibition and validate the quality
  • Specific Primer and Probe mix for the pathogen/virus/viroid of interest
  • Primer and Probe mix
  • Positive and negative control to confirm the integrity of the kit reagents
TaqMan PCR/RT-PCR Probe/Primer Set and Controls, 100 reactions
  • Specific Primer/Probe mix and Positive Control for the pathogen/virus/viroid of interest
  • Nuclease-free water
  • Can be used together with Norgen’s PCR/RT-PCR Master Mix (#28007/#28113) or customer supplied master mix

For research use only and NOT intended for in vitro diagnostics.



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