ITS Library Preparation Kits


  • Protocol optimized for DNA isolated from a diversity of samples including stool, soil, water, saliva, plant, urine, skin, and more
  • Simple and quick workflow: library could be prepared in less than 4 hours
  • Component of Norgen's metagenomics workflow
  • A single NGS run can be prepared with up to 384 unique dual-index libraries
  • Two individual kits to select from, based on the choice of regions to sequence: ITS1 and ITS2
  • Sequencers with long sequence reads not required as both the libraries can be run on Illumina platform.

The ITS Library Preparation Kits for Illumina consists of the reagents and components required for library preparation of the fungal target ITS1 - ITS2 and ITS3 - ITS4 libraries to be used for next-generation sequencing on Illumina platforms. All molecular reagents including primers, enzyme mixes, indexes, and buffers are provided. Instructions for PCR clean up with the AMPure XPMagneticBeads(supplied by customer) are also included for rapid purification of nucleic acid products generated at two steps of the workflow. The library prep workflow could be used for purified DNA inputs from different sources including stool, soil, water, saliva, plant, urine, skin swab, vaginal swab, cheek swab, nasal/swab, plasma/serum, tongue swab, gum swab, and others.

ITS1 - Cat 70411

ITS Library Preparation

Find the right kit for your sample type.

Norgen's optimized ITS sequencing library preparation kits accommodate a wide range of sample types and input quantities.

Using the Interactive Variable Region Diagram, select any of the regions below to learn which of Norgen's ITS Library Prep Kits is right for you and which regions are best for identifying specific microbial species.


ITS1 Region (Nucleotides 1723 - 2043) (Amplicon size 250 - 600bp)

  • Low GC content as compared to other ITS targets providing better sequencing efficiency.
  • More species identification in fungi, plants, and animals as compared to ITS2.
  • High species identification success rate for Cyperaceae and Carex.
  • High identification success rate in mosses, ferns, monocotyledons, eudicacotyledons as compared to other DNA targets.

ITS2 Region (Nucleotides 2024 - 2409) (Amplicon size 300 - 650bp)

  • Better bioinformatics tools available for ITS2 as compared to ITS1.
  • More defined structure as compared to ITS1, which permits analysis at higher taxonomic level and subsequent robustness in the reconstruction of the phylogenetic tree.
  • Approximately 97% success rate for the identification at the genus level.

Research Kits

Name 24 Prep 96 Prep set A 96 Prep set B 96 Prep set C 96 Prep set D
ITS1 Library Preparation Kit for Illumina 71000 71010 71020 71030 71040
ITS2 Library Preparation Kit for Illumina 71100 71110 71120 71130 71140

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