• Simple and quick workflow. Library could be prepared in less than 4 hours
  • Part of Norgen’s metagenomics workflow: collection, preservation, DNA isolation, sequencing, and analysis
  • Protocol optimized for DNA isolated from a large range of sample types
  • Up to 384 unique dual-index libraries can be prepared for a single NGS run

The Internal Transcribed Spacer (ITS) of nuclear rRNAs are commonly used for fungal classification in diverse metagenomic studies. The ITS region is defined as the spacer DNA situated between the small and large subunits of rRNAs and may exhibit variation in length and sequence across different species. It is yet to be determined which ITS region is best for fungal genetic analysis, but ITS1 and ITS2 are popular targets for the identification, classification, and quantification of fungal communities within complex biological samples. The ITS region to sequence might vary depending on multiple factors, however ITS1 is most frequently combined with ITS2 to amplify the ITS1 region of the fungal rRNA operon while the combination of ITS3 and ITS4 is commonly used to amplify the ITS2 region.

Norgen offers optimized library preparation kits that sequence amplicons targeting ITS1 and ITS2 regions. The ITS1 region has an average amplicon library length (with dual-indices attached) of ~480 bp, with an insert size of ~344 bp. The ITS2 region has an average amplicon library length (with dual- indices attached) of ~540 bp, with an insert size of ~404 bp. Our ITS library preparation kits provide end-users with a streamlined workflow experience that consistently yield high-quality NGS libraries across a range of human or environmental sample types.

16s rRNA library preparation kit

Research Kits

Name 24 Prep 96 Prep set A 96 Prep set B 96 Prep set C 96 Prep set D
ITS1-ITS2 Library Preparation Kit for Illumina 71000 71010 71020 71030 71040
ITS3-ITS4 Library Preparation Kit for Illumina 71100 71110 71120 71130 71140