• Simple and quick workflow. The library can be prepared in less than 5 hours
  • No gel purification for selected types of samples
  • Complements Norgen's Best-in-Class Total RNA (including microRNA) Purification Technology
  • Protocol optimized for RNA isolated from different types of input, including liquid biopsies (blood, plasma, serum and urine)

High-quality library preparation is critical for success in NGS experiments. Norgen offers optimized sequencing library preparation kits that accommodate a range of sample types and input quantities. Whether you are generating libraries for small RNA in blood, urine, or other challenging sample types, to generating libraries for metagenomic sequencing using 16S, 18S, or ITS targets, our library prep kits provide end-users with a streamlined workflow experience that consistently yield high-quality NGS libraries.

Small RNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina

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