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Why Our Powerful and Highly-Sensitive RNA Extraction Technology is Best-in-Class

  • No RNA Carriers Required

    RNA carriers negatively impact the efficacy of downstream applications like NGS. Our RNA extraction technology is highly sensitive & linear down to a few cells without the need for carrier RNA.

  • No Hazardous Compounds

    Carryover of hazardous compounds such as Phenol/Chloroform can negatively impact your downstream results. Unlike other common extraction methods, our RNA extraction technology does not require the use of such hazardous compounds.

  • Size (and Content) Matters

    Silica has shown a bias towards sequences that have a high molecular weight and a high GC content. Our RNA extraction technology shows no bias towards GC content or molecular weight, providing a true representation of RNA content.

Norgen vs competitor

Trusted by Leading Institutions Worldwide

"We have been using Norgen's RNA kits for many years for our colorectal cancer diagnosis projects and their products proved to be very efficient in RNA extraction. Norgen's products worked perfectly and helped us to engage in new molecular approaches."
— Italian Institute for Genomic Medicine
Italian Institute for Genomic Medicine
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