Quantification Assays

Convenient and sensitive kits for accurate quantification

  • Quantification of RNA, DNA or Illumina NGS Libraries (for Small RNA-Seq) over a wide spectrum of concentrations
  • Quantify RNA and DNA in the lower ng per µL, pg per µL and sub-pg per µL range with any Real-Time PCR system
  • Quantify Illumina NGS Libraries in sub-nanomolar concentrations
  • RNA, DNA and NGS Libraries are accurately quantified using standard curves constructed from the provided RNA or DNA standards
  • Specially designed DNA standards for Small RNA-Seq library; also compatible to NGS library of other molecular weights

Norgen’s Low Abundance RNA and DNA Quantification Kits offer sensitive PCR-based procedures to quantify RNA and DNA of a wide spectrum of concentrations. The unknown RNA or DNA is accurately quantified by using a standard curve constructed from the provided standards, and these kits are compatible with any Real-Time PCR system. Norgen’s NGS Library Quantification Kit (for Small RNA-Seq) offers a PCR-based detection procedure to quantify NGS libraries (specifically Small RNA-Seq) of a wide spectrum of concentrations. The kit is specially optimized to quantify Small RNA-Seq libraries with DNA standards that have similar size to a Small RNA-Seq library, however it could also be used with other types of NGS libraries.

NGS Library Quantification Kit (for Small RNA-Seq) (Cat. 61600)

Research Kits

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Norgen provides accurate quantification of RNA, DNA and Illumina NGS libraries with our convenient and sensitive quantification kits.