A ready-to-use solution optimized for robust amplification of high yield products

  • Convenient ready-to-use solution
  • High sensitivity and yield
  • Robust amplification

ItemsCat. #Size
2X PCR Master Mix 28007 100 reactions

2X PCR Master Mix

Norgen’s 2X PCR Master Mix is a ready-to-use solution that contains components required for PCR amplification including Taq DNA polymerase, dNTPs, reaction buffer, MgCl2, KCl and a PCR enhancer/stabilizer. The user needs only to add template, the primer set and water to the master mix in order to set up the PCR reaction. This convenient 2X PCR Master Mix reduces the time required to set up PCR reactions and reduces the possibility of contamination, particularly when preparing large numbers of reactions. The optimized master mix allows for robust amplification of DNA templates with high yields of PCR products.

Taq DNA Polymerase is a highly thermostable DNA polymerase that possesses a 5´→ 3´ polymerase activity and a very low 5´→ 3´ exonuclease activity. The source of Taq included with Norgen’s 2X PCR Master Mix is an E. coli strain with a cloned Taq DNA Polymerase gene from Thermus aquaticus YT-1.

Reagents Supplied - Cat # 28007

  • 2X PCR Master Mix (1 Vial, 100 Reactions) - Sufficient reagent for 100 x 20 µL reactions

Storage Conditions and Product Stability
Norgen’s 2X Master Mix should be stored at -20ºC. For everyday use an aliquot can be stored at 4ºC for up to three months. The Master Mix is stable for multiple freeze-thaw cycles (see Figure 2). When stored at the proper temperature this reagent is stable for at least 1 year.

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