• Efficient depletion of cow's exosomes from Fetal Bovine Serum
  • Deplete exosome-sized vesicles from versatile FBS volumes of up to 240 mL
  • No protease treatment required
  • No time-consuming ultracentrifugation
  • No filtration or special syringes are required
  • No precipitation reagents required
  • No overnight incubation required
  • Depleted FBS has no detectable cow’s miRNA
  • The depleted FBS provides the same cellular growth rates as the standard FBS

ItemsCat. #Size
FBS Exosome Depletion Kit I (Column Format) 61200 6 preps
FBS Exosome Depletion Kit II (Column Format) 61300 12 preps

FBS Exosome Depletion Kit (Column Format)

Norgen's FBS Exosome Depletion Kits (Column Format) constitute an all-in-one system for the depletion of cow's exosomes from FBS prior to using it as a growth supplement in your culture medium. The FBS recovered from the depletion process is exosome-depleted and does not contain any quantifiable bovine miRNAs. Moreover, the exosome-depleted FBS will support the growth of your cells of interest similar to the non-depleted FBS. Norgen's kits allows for the depletion of different FBS volumes with a maximum volume ranging from 120 mL to 240 mL. The depletion is based on Norgen’s proprietary resin. These kits provide a clear advantage over other available kits in that they do not require ultracentrifugation, any special instrumentation, precipitation reagents or any protease treatments. More importantly, the depletion process is an inexpensive method for depletion of your own FBS, as compared to the current ready-to-use exosome-depleted media available on the market.


Most culture medium used for the growth and propagation of cells in culture require the addition of fetal bovine serum (FBS) as a growth complement to media. FBS is obtained from bovine (cow) serum, and therefore contains large quantities of cow exosome vesicles. These exosomes may interfere with some types of studies, or may lead to unreliable results when studying the exosomes shed from your cells of interest in normal culture conditions. Therefore, the use of exosome-depleted FBS is highly recommended for many types of studies.

Kit Specifications
Sample Type
Fetal Bovine Serum
Sample Volume Range
Up to 120 mL
(FBS Exosome Depletion Kit I (Column Format)
Up to 240 mL
(FBS Exosome Depletion Kit II (Column Format)
Deplete exosome-sized vesicle
Bovine miRNA No detectable bovine miRNA
Time to Complete 6 Purifications
40 minutes

Storage Conditions and Product Stability
All buffers should be kept tightly sealed and stored at room temperature (15-25°C) for up to 2 years without showing any reduction in performance.