Ideal for use with various fluorescence-detection instruments

  • Ready-to-use
  • Highly stable
  • Precise
  • 22 discrete bands from 60 bp to 600 bp

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Internal Lane Standard (60bp - 600bp, ROX) for ABI Genetic Analyzer 53210 150 uL

Internal Lane Standard (60bp - 600bp, ROX) for ABI Genetic Analyzer

  • High quality ready-to-use double-stranded DNA ladder derived by recombinant technology for precise size and mass determination in various fluorescence-detection instruments including different models of Applied Biosystems® PRISM® and Genetic Analyzers 
  • 22 discrete bands, ranging from 60 bp to 600 bp
  • The ladder is asymmetrically labelled with ROX that can be detected by excitation at 576 nm and fluorescent emission at 597 nm
  • Compatible with products for fragment analysis including Promega PowerPlex® 16 System

  • Fragments are evenly spaced at 20-, 25- or 50-base intervals for precise size determination


Ladder Properties:
• 22 discrete bands, ranging from 60 bp to 600 bp

• Store at -20°C in small aliquots. For longer term storage, -70°C is recommended.
• The product is light-sensitive. Minimize light exposure.

Safety Data Sheets: