For the rapid and convenient on-column digestion of proteins

  • Rapid and simple procedure to generate digested peptides
  • Simultaneous digestion, purification and concentration at once
  • Peptide generation is complete, with no generation of additional artifacts being detected in mass spectrometry
  • Peptides are ready for applications such as mass spectrometry and SDS-PAGE

ItemsCat. #Size
ProteoSpin™ On-Column Proteolytic Digestion Kit 17500 25 preps

ProteoSpin™ On-Column Proteolytic Digestion Kit

This kit is highly efficient in the enzymatic digestion of simple and complex protein samples using trypsin and the subsequent purification of the resulting peptides using a convenient spin column format. Trypsin is added to the protein sample and bound to the column. Salts are washed away and the trypsin is then activated to digest proteins. Peptides are then eluted in a small volume and ready for downstream analysis. The peptides generated are complete, with no additional artifacts being detected in mass spectrometry. Fifteen micrograms of protein can be processed, digested and purified with each spin column with about 20 minutes of hands-on time (plus trypsin incubation). The simultaneous protein digestion and volumetric concentration of the purified peptides makes the kit a convenient method for preparing peptides to be analyzed by many downstream applications such as mass spectrometry and more.

Kit Specifications
Maximum Protein Input
15 μg
Minimum Protein Input
2 μg
Minimum Elution Volume
30 μL
Time to Process 10 Samples
20 minutes
(plus a 1 hour incubation)

Storage Conditions
All solutions should be kept tightly sealed and stored at room temperature. Once opened, the solution should be stored at 4°C.

Kit Components
Component Cat. 17500 (25 preps)
Wash Solution C 30 mL
Binding Buffer A 4 mL
Column Activation Buffer 3 mL
Micro Spin Columns 25
Collection Tubes 25
Elution tubes (1.7 mL) 25
Product Insert 1