Isolation Services

Isolation Services

Norgen Biotek offers nucleic acid isolation services for both DNA and RNA from any sample type. Norgen's experienced team of scientists and technicians will select an optimized purification method based on your sample type to ensure we deliver the highest quality for your downstream application.

For all RNA isolation services, Norgen uses their patented resin which enables purification of total RNA of the highest quality and integrity. All sizes of RNA will be captured, from large mRNA down to microRNA, without the use of phenol or chloroform or bias to GC content. We have extensive expertise specifically working with ultra-low concentration liquid biopsy samples such as plasma, serum, urine and CSF. Additionally, we offer Exosomal RNA purification for downstream applications such as Next Generation Sequencing or qRT-PCR.

RNA Isolation Service - Sample Type

Sample Type

Norgen's purification service is well suited to isolate DNA or RNA from many different starting materials including (but not limited to):

Plasma/Serum/Blood Plant Tissues
Cells Viruses/Viroids
Tissue (All types) Bacteria
Exosomes Yeast/Fungi
FFPE Samples Soil
LCM Samples Water
Saliva Conditioned Media
RNA Isolation Service - Deliverables

Quality Control

We will run quality control measures for every isolation to measure the yield and quality of the sample. Confirmation of DNA or RNA concentration will be measured by NanoDrop spectrophotometer, Agilent Bioanalyzer (pico or nano chip), Qubit RiboGreen or PicoGreen depending on your sample type. We will deliver the QC report for each of your samples upon completion of your project.

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