Intact Exosome Purification

Purify intact, functional extracellular vesicles including exosomes

  • Purification and enrichment of intact plasma/serum, urinary, cell culture media and saliva exosomes for functional studies in 30 minutes.
  • Purification and enrichment of intact plasma/serum, urine, cell culture media and saliva exosomes
  • Purified exosomes for use in functional studies prepared in 30 minutes
  • Purify intact exosomes with a size ranging from 40-200 nm depending on sample input type
  • No time-consuming ultracentrifugation, filtration or special syringes required
  • No precipitation reagents, overnight incubation, protease or coagulant treatments required
  • Purified exosomes are free from any protein-bound cell-free circulating RNA
  • Purified exosomes are compatible with NanoSight® or Electron Microscopy for assessing the approximate exosome size range and concentration.
  • Purification is based on spin column chromatography that uses Norgen’s proprietary Silicon-Carbide resin separation matrix
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Norgen’s Exosome Purification Kits enable fast, flexible, robust, and convenient intact exosome purification from a wide range of cell-free liquid biopsies and cell-free cell culture media. Relying on Norgen’s proprietary resin technology, the intact exosomes are purified in 30 minutes and are free from any cell-free circulating protein-bound RNA which typically contaminates exosomes and impedes effective exosomal content analyses. Norgen’s intact exosome purification methodology does not involve any troublesome and tedious ultracentrifugation, any chemical or immuno-precipitation techniques, any protease or coagulant treatments and doesn’t require any special equipment or overnight incubation. The purified intact exosomes are amenable to labelling, counting, imaging, and in vivo / in vitro functional studies, as well as exosomal analyte isolations and analyses.

Kits for Research Use