Saliva Sample Collection and Preservation Devices

  • More than 2 years of saliva DNA preservation at room temperature
  • Saliva RNA Collection and Preservation Devices allow for the preservation of saliva RNA up to 2 months at room temperature
  • Saliva Exosome Collection and Preservation Kit stabilizes and preserves exosomes for 2 years at ambient temperature
  • Ambient temperature storage and transport
  • Sample can be mailed by regular post or courier service
  • High quality DNA for all downstream applications: NGS, PCR, microarrays, SNPs, methylation studies, etc.
  • Affordable price and tremendous savings enabling you to do more on your project
  • Available in both research use format and CE-IVD marked for use in in vitro diagnostic workflows
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Saliva: A Promising Sample Type for Disease Screening and Diagnostics

Kits for Diagnostic Use

Kits for Research Use

Simple, Reliable, Cost-effective

Isolation of nucleic acids from saliva has become a cost-effective and non-invasive alternative to blood or tissue for genotyping and other genetic analyses. Norgen Biotek’s Saliva Collection and Preservation Devices are an all-in-one solution to collect and stabilize high quality DNA, RNA, or exosomes at room temperature. From the point of collection microbial growth is suspended and viruses are inactivated, allowing for safe and convenient transport and handling. Using one of Norgen’s complimentary isolation kits, purified DNA and RNA can be used for a variety of downstream applications, including PCR/RT-PCR and Next Generation Sequencing.

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