Stool Sample Preparation Devices

Preserve microbiota profiles for unbiased, reproducible results

  • The preservative provides sample homogeneity, eliminating sample variability
  • Preserve and safely transport DNA & RNA at ambient temperature
  • No cold shipping/storage needed - hassle-free and cost effective
  • Isolate high quality nucleic acids for any application including 16s NGS
  • Robust preservation over a range of temperatures
  • Customizable with various accessories for easy and safe collection
  • Eliminates odor and renders samples safe and non-infectious

Appropriate preservation and storage of stool samples is crucial in maintaining nucleic acid fidelity and microbial community composition for downstream applications and analysis, including next-generation sequencing (NGS) and microbiome characterization. Post-collection bias may be introduced in cases where sample material is inadequately preserved. Norgen Biotek’s Stool Collection and Preservation Devices preserve microbiota profiles at ambient temperature for unbiased, reproducible results. Samples preserved in Norgen’s devices are non-infectious and can be shipped safely at ambient temperatures.

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Title Human stool preservation impacts taxonomic profiles in 16S rRNA gene-based metagenomics studies
Journal Research Square (preprint). 2020.
Authors Anne Plauzolles, Eya Toumi, Benoit Goutorbe, Marion Bonnet, Guillaume Pénaranda, Ghislain Bidaut, Laurent Chiche, Jérôme Allardet-Servet, Frédérique Retornaz, Phillie Halfon
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Eliminate sample variability, odor and safely transport DNA & RNA at ambient temperature with Norgen’s Stool Sample Preparation Devices.