Microbiome DNA Isolation Kit

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Microbiome DNA Isolation Kit 64100 50 preps

Microbiome DNA Isolation Kit

Norgen's Microbiome DNA Isolation Kit provides a convenient and rapid method to isolate total DNA from a variety of Microbiome samples collected using a swab. This kit can be used for fresh (dry transport) swab or any swab preserved using Norgen's Swab Collection and DNA Preservation Kit or any other of Norgen's Preservation Systems. This universal protocol conveniently allows for the isolation of total genomic DNA from both host and microbial cells found in the swab sample simultaneously. The kit removes all traces of PCR impurities using the provided combination of chemical and physical homogenization and lysis.  A simple and rapid spin column procedure is then used to further purify the DNA. The purified DNA is of the highest quality and is fully compatible with downstream PCR or metagenomics using NGS.

Kit Specifications
Maximum sample input
1 mL of preserved swab sample* or up to 0.5 mL preserved samples**
Swab samples tested
Fecal, saliva, buccal, food, nasal, blood, surface, skin
Maximum Column Binding Capacity
50 μg
Maximum Column Loading Volume
650 μL
Time to Complete 10 Purifications
30 minutes

* Collected using Norgen’s Swab Collection and DNA Preservation Kit (Cat. 45690)
**Please see the table in Section B of the Product Insert - Samples Collected using Norgen's Preservation Devices

Storage Conditions and Product Stability
All solutions should be kept tightly sealed and stored at room temperature. These reagents should remain stable for at least 2 years in their unopened containers.

Safety Data Sheets: