Fast and simple clean-up and concentration of oligonucleotides without the use of phenol

  • Cleans and concentrates single-stranded or double-stranded DNA or RNA oligonucleotides larger than 10 bases
  • Rapid and efficient spin column procedure
  • No phenol, chloroform or alcohol precipitations are involved
  • High recovery of up to 90%
  • Efficient removal of enzymatic reaction buffers and proteins

ItemsCat. #Size
Oligo Clean-Up and Concentration Kit 34100 50 preps

Oligo Clean-Up and Concentration Kit

This kit provides a rapid spin column procedure for the purification and concentration of up to 10 µg of oligonucleotides of various sizes. The kit is used for the purification of synthesized oligos, as well as the clean-up of oligos from various upstream enzymatic reactions such as ligation, Poly(A) tailing and end-labeling.

Single or double stranded DNA or RNA oligos larger than 10 bp can be purified with this kit (not recommended for the removal of PCR primers).  Oligos of up to 1000 bp have been tested with this kit.

This kit purifies oligos from other reaction components including proteins, buffers and nucleotides without the use of phenol, chloroform, alcohol precipitation or urea PAGE extraction. 

The kit provides a high quality product with up to 90% recovery.  The purified oligos can be used in a number of downstream applications including end-point or quantitative reverse transcription PCR, Northern blotting, in situ hybridization, and RNAi studies.


Kit Specifications
Column Binding Capacity
10 μg for DNA or RNA
Maximum Column Loading Volume
600 μL
Size of DNA/RNA Purified
> 10 nt, single stranded
or double stranded
Maximum Amount of Starting Material
10 μg of DNA or RNA
Minimum Elution Volume
20 μL
Time to Complete 10 Purifications
15 minutes

Storage Conditions and Product Stability
All solutions should be kept tightly sealed and stored at room temperature.  These reagents should remain stable for at least 1 year in their unopened containers.

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