• Ready-to-use
  • Quantitative
  • Highly Stable
  • Precise
  • Ten discrete fragments from 100 bp to 1000 bp
  • Higher intensity reference band at 500 bp

ItemsCat. #Size
PCR Sizer 100 bp DNA Ladder 11400 100 loads

PCR Sizer 100 bp DNA Ladder

The Norgen PCRSizer 100 bp DNA Ladder is prepared to ensure quality and batch-to-batch consistency. Our PCRSizer contains ten discrete fragments ranging from 100 bp to 1000 bp in 100 bp increments with a higher intensity reference band at 500 bp. This Ladder is ideal for PCR product size confirmation.

1mL of premixed DNA ladder (0.5µg/10µL) in loading buffer (10mM EDTA, 10% glycerol, 0.015% bromophenol blue, and 0.17% SDS).

PCR Sizer 100 bp DNA Ladder (Cat# 11400) - 100 loads

Ladder Properties:
• Ten discrete bands, ranging from 100 bp to 1,000 bp
• Higher intensity band at 500 bp for easy reference


Size (bp)
Mass (ng)
Recommended Use:
Mix thoroughly. For best results, load 10µL of DNA ladder per well. For precise mass determination with a densitometer, stain gel after electrophoresis using 0.5µg/mL ethidium bromide for 30-40 minutes. The table above shows the size and mass for each band based on 10µL ladder per well.
Stable at room temperature. For longer term storage, -20°C is recommended.
This ladder was standardized using 10µL of DNA per lane on a 0.8 cm thick, 13 x 15 cm, 1.0% agarose gel run in TAE buffer.

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