• Cost effective method to isolate DNA from preserved saliva samples collected using Norgen's saliva DNA devices or other preservation methods
  • Isolate DNA from a range of input volumes - up to 4 mL
  • Isolate DNA of high recovery and quality suitable for sensitive downstream applications including PCR, qPCR, sequencing, SNP analysis, microarrays, RFLP and Southern Blot Analysis

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Saliva DNA Isolation Reagent Kit (up to 4 mL) RU35720 50 preps

Saliva DNA Isolation Reagent Kit (up to 4 mL)

Norgen's Saliva DNA Isolation Reagent Kit (up to 4 mL) is designed for isolation of high quality DNA from up to 4 mL of preserved saliva samples within a laboratory setting. The Saliva DNA Isolation Reagent Kit (up to 4 mL) contains enough reagents for 50 preps of 4 mL saliva samples preserved via Norgen Biotek's Saliva DNA Collection and Preservation Devices (RU49000), Saliva DNA Collection, Preservation, and Isolation Kit (RU35700) or other preservation methods.


  • The kit contains ready-to-use Proteinase K which is dissolved in a specially prepared storage buffer. The Proteinase K should be stored at -20°C for up to 3 years. The Proteinase K is a white turbid solution. A white precipitate is formed upon storage. Make sure to re-suspend the white precipitate by vortexing before use.
  • Binding Buffer B should be kept tightly sealed and stored at room temperature. It can be stored for up to 3 years.