Core Products and Services

Norgen’s Core Products and Services

Norgen’s core product and service offerings fall into 4 categories: 1) Specimen Collection and Preservation Devices; 2) DNA, RNA, protein and exosome isolation and purification kits from all type of specimens; 3) Molecular diagnostic kits for the detection of human, plant and food pathogens and 4) Services related to molecular biology including sample preparation, pathogen detection and NGS.

Cell Free Purification Kit

Sample Collection and Preservation

Norgen’s sample collection and preservation products are based on proprietary technologies to allow for the chemical preservation of DNA, RNA and proteins within various human samples at room temperature. These kits allow for room temperature shipping of preserved nucleic acids and proteins in saliva, urine, blood and stool samples, and also allow for the long-term preservation of the DNA, RNA and proteins at ambient temperatures.

Cell Free Purification Kit

Isolation and Purification Kits

Norgen has successfully exploited part of its IP to develop hundreds of sample preparation kits for the purification of RNA, microRNA, DNA, cf-DNA, cf-RNA, exosomes and proteins from various sample types for both research and diagnostic purposes. These kits include the leading kits in the world for the isolation of total RNA and microRNA from all sample types, as Norgen’s purification technology offers many benefits over competitor’s kits. Norgen has an extensive line of products optimized for the purification of RNA and DNA, including cell-free circulating nucleic acids, from liquid biopsy samples including urine, plasma, serum and blood. The purification of these macromolecules is often the first step in R&D involving genomics, proteomics and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), as well as for diagnostic applications

Cell Free Purification Kit

Molecular Diagnostic Kits

Norgen offers over 100 kits for nucleic-acid based diagnostics. All of these products are PCR-based (TaqMan), and include complete detection kits as well as primer sets and controls. This basket of products includes kits for the detection of human pathogens, food-borne pathogens and plant pathogens. These kits are being offered for research use only, and are ideal for use in surveillance of drug resistant pathogens, epidemiological studies, field surveillance of pathogens, and surveys.

CChMVd TaqMan RT-PCR Detection Kit


Norgen offers a wide range of services including isolation services, PCR-based diagnostics and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). Norgen’s scientists are among the leading experts in the world in sample preparation, and therefore Norgen offers RNA, DNA, protein and exosome extraction services from all types of sample inputs including ultra-low liquid biopsies. We also offer various molecular diagnostic services, including pathogen detection from plants. Norgen’s comprehensive NGS services are carried out in an Illumina accredited state-of-the-art laboratory from sample isolation to sequencing and bioinformatics. Norgen is recognized as a leader in our Next Gen Sequencing services due to the fact that we are able to use our sample preparation expertise to work with small and difficult samples, including liquid biopsy samples. Furthermore, Norgen has developed our own proprietary workflows for NGS which offer competitive advantages and allow for deeper reads and more information to be obtained from samples. Our NGS services include Small RNA-Seq, mRNA-Seq, WGS (Whole Genome Sequencing) and 16s rRNA-Seq for Microbiome. Additionally we offer NGS miRNA target validation by PCR.

Cell Free Purification Kit
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