For the rapid purification of total RNA (including microRNA) from plants and fungi

  • Extract total RNA, including virus & viroid RNA
  • Robust lysis buffer is well-suited to even challenging samples such as pine needle, grape leaf, etc
  • Isolate total RNA (including microRNA) without phenol
  • Isolated RNA is of high quality, integrity and diversity
  • Also available in 96-well format for high throughput applications

ItemsCat. #Size
Plant/Fungi Total RNA Purification Kit 25800 50 preps
Plant/Fungi Total RNA Purification Kit 31350 100 preps
Plant/Fungi Total RNA Purification Kit 25850 250 preps
Plant/Fungi Total RNA Purification 96-Well Kit 31900 2 x 96-well plates

Plant/Fungi Total RNA Purification Kit

Norgen’s Plant/Fungi Total RNA Purification Kit provides a rapid method for the isolation and purification of total RNA, including virus and viroid RNA, from a wide range of plants. Total RNA can be purified from fresh or frozen plant tissues, plant cells or filamentous fungi samples using this kit. All sizes of RNA are purified, including microRNA (miRNA) . The procedure is rapid and convenient. 

The RNA is purified without the use of phenol or chloroform. The purified RNA is of the highest quality, and can be used in a number of downstream applications including real time PCR, reverse transcription PCR, Northern blotting, RNase protection and primer extension, and expression array assays.  

Norgen's Plant/Fungi Total RNA Purification Kit is also available in a 96-well format for high throughput applications.  Purification with the 96-well plates can be performed using either a vacuum manifold or centrifugation.

Kit Specifications - Spin Column
Maximum Column Binding Capacity
50 μg
Maximum Column Loading Volume
650 μL
Size of RNA Purified

All sizes, including small RNA (< 200 nt)

Maximum Amount of Starting Material:
Plant Tissues
Plant Cells
50 mg
1 x 106 cells
50 mg (wet weight)
Average Yield*
50 mg Tomato Leaves
50 mg Tobacco Leaves
50 mg Plum Leaves
50 mg Grape Leaves
50 mg Peach Leaves
60 μg
60 μg
32 μg
35 μg
30 μg
Time to Complete 10 Purifications
30 minutes

* Yield will vary depending on the type of sample processed.


Kit Specifications - 96-well
Maximum Binding Capacity Per Well
50 μg
Maximum Loading Volume Per Well
500 μL
Size of RNA Purified

All sizes, including small RNA (< 200 nt)

Maximum Amount of Starting Material:

Plant Tissues

40 mg
40 mg
Average Yield*
40 mg of Grape Leaves
40 mg Tomato Leaves
40 mg Tobacco Leaves
40 mg Peach Leaves
5-7 μg
20-30 μg
20-30 μg
15-20 μg
Time to Complete 96 Purifications
30 minutes

* Yield will vary depending on the type of sample processed.

Storage Conditions and Product Stability
All solutions should be kept tightly sealed and stored at room temperature. These reagents should remain stable for at least 1 year in their unopened containers.




Select Plants and Fungi Tested with the Norgen Plant/Fungi Total RNA Purification Kits



Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum)
Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum)
Pepper (Capsicum annuum)
Potato (Solanum tuberosum)
Arabidopsis thaliana1
Peach (Prunus persica)
Apple (Malus sp.)
Pear (Pyrus sp.)
Grape vine (Vitis sp.)
Plum (Prunus sp.)
Palm (Arecaceae)
Pine needle (Pinaceae)
Persimmon (Ebenaceae)
Potato tuber (Solanum)
Plum fruit
Vanilla bean
Cotton (Gossypium)
Grape berry skin
Kiwi leaves
Peach (fruits and flowers)
Soy bean (legume)
Eastern White Red Cedar
Corn leaves
Cucumber leaves


Aspergillus niger
Mucor racemosus
Cladosporium cladosporioides
Fusarium oxysporum
Penicillium sp.
Botrytis cinerea (Botryotinia fuckeliana)
Pichia sp.
Rhizopus oryzae
Alternaria tenuissima

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