• Reliable and cost-effective
  • Non-invasive, user-friendly sample collection
  • Sample collection and preservation in one convenient kit
  • Samples are non-infectious and can be handled and shipped safely
  • Preserved exosomes are stable for 2 years at ambient temperature
  • Shipping accessories can be purchased separately
  • Compatible with Norgen's Saliva Exosome Purification Kit (Cat. 65300)
  • RNA can be isolated from the purified exosomes using Norgen's Exosome RNA Purification kit (Cat. 58000)

ItemsCat. #Size
Saliva Exosome Collection and Preservation Kit 65400 50 devices

Saliva Exosome Collection and Preservation Kit

Norgen’s Saliva Exosome Collection and Preservation Kit is an all-in-one solution designed for 1) simple and non-invasive saliva collection; 2) preservation of exosomes in saliva samples at ambient temperature; and 3) isolation of high quality intact exosomes and exosomal RNA within a laboratory setting.  The Saliva Exosome Collection, Preservation and Isolation Kit contains 50 Individual Saliva Exosome Collection and Preservation Devices, as well as the required reagents for the subsequent laboratory purification of intact exosomes and the isolation of the exosomal RNA from the preserved samples.  Each of the 50 individual Saliva Exosome Collection and Preservation Devices consists of 3 components: (1) Saliva Collection Funnel and Collection Tube that contains Norgen’s Urine Preservative in a dried format, (2) Collection Tube Cap, and (3) ID Label.  Saliva samples are collected by spitting inside the Collection Funnel which has been assembled with the Collection Tube. After collecting the required volume of saliva the Collection Funnel is removed, the Collection Tube is securely capped with Collection Tube Cap. The collected saliva is mixed by gentle inversion for several times till the saliva colour changes into yellow. The Saliva Collection Tube is subsequently sent to the laboratory for the purification of intact exosomes and for the subsequent isolation and analysis of saliva exosomal RNA. The saliva exosomes in preserved samples is stable for 2 years at room temperature. 

Kit Specifications
Volume of Saliva Collected
2 mL
Preservation Temperature
Room Temperature
Preservation time
2 years at room temperature

Shelf Life and Handling

  • The Collection Device should be kept tightly sealed and stored at room temperature for up to 2 years without any reduction in kit performance (The collection due date is written on the device label).
  • The Collection Tube, the Collection Funnel and the Device Container of each Individual Saliva DNA Collection and Preservation Device are recyclable.