• Extract high quality & purity total RNA including miRNA
  • No phenol step required - isolate all RNA in one fraction
  • Rapid processing in under 40 minutes
  • Isolate total RNA from a wide variety of specimens

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Total RNA Purification Maxi Kit 26800 8 preps

Total RNA Purification Maxi Kit

This kit provides a rapid method for the isolation and purification of total RNA from large inputs of various biological specimens, including cultured animal cells, tissue samples, blood, bacteria, yeast, fungi, plants and viruses. The kit purifies all sizes of RNA including microRNA (miRNA).

The extracted RNA is of a high quality and purity with excellent RIN values and A260/A280 ratios, and can be used in a number of downstream applications including real time RT-PCR, RT-PCR, expression profiling, miRNA profiling, microarrays and Next Generation Sequencing.

Kit Specifications
Column Binding Capacity
1.5 mg
Maximum Column Loading Volume
20 mL
Size of RNA Purified
All sizes, including small RNA
(< 200 nt)
Maximum amount of starting material:
Animal Cells
Animal Tissues
Plant Tissues
5 x 107 cells
50 - 250 mg
2 – 10 mL*
2.5 x 1010 cells
2 x 108 cells
1 g
1 g
Time to Complete 4 Purifications
40 minutes
Average Yields
HeLa Cells (5 x 107 cells)
E. coli (2.5 x 1010 cells)
750 μg
1.5 mg

*For isolating total RNA from purified leukocytes

Storage Conditions and Product Stability
All solutions should be kept tightly sealed and stored at room temperature. These reagents should remain stable for at least 1 year in their unopened containers.