16S rRNA Library Prep Kits

  • Simple and quick workflow. Library could be prepared in less than 4 hours
  • Part of Norgen’s metagenomics workflow: collection, preservation, DNA isolation, sequencing, and analysis
  • Protocol optimized for DNA isolated from a large range of sample types
  • Up to 384 unique dual-index libraries can be prepared for a single NGS run

The 16S ribosomal RNA gene (16S rRNA) is a common target for microbial community classification in metagenomic studies. The gene is approximately 1,500 bp long and contains nine variable regions interspersed between conserved regions. These variable regions are frequently used in phylogenetic classifications such as genus or species in diverse microbial populations. The 16S region to sequence is an area of debate, and your region of interest might vary depending on multiple factors including experimental objectives, design, and sample type.

Norgen offers optimized 16S sequencing library preparation kits that accommodate a range of sample types and input quantities. Our library prep kits provide end-users with a streamlined workflow experience that consistently yield high-quality NGS libraries across a range of sample types. With Norgen offering NGS library preparation kits for nine different 16S regions, you can choose the kit that best suits your research needs. Our library preparation kits come in sizes to accommodate as few as 24 samples and as many as 384 uniquely-indexed samples that can be sequenced in a single NGS run.

place holder kit

Research Kits

Name 24 Prep 96 Prep set A 96 Prep set B 96 Prep set C 96 Prep set D
16S V1-V2 Library Preparation Kit for Illumina 70100 70110 70120 70130 70140
16S V1-V3 Library Preparation Kit for Illumina 70200 70210 70220 70230 70240
16S V2-V3 Library Preparation Kit for Illumina 70300 70310 70320 70330 70340
16S V3-V4 Library Preparation Kit for Illumina 70400 70410 70420 70430 70440
16S V3-V5 Library Preparation Kit for Illumina 70500 70510 70520 70530 70540
16S V4 Library Preparation Kit for Illumina 70600 70610 70620 70630 70640
16S V4-V5 Library Preparation Kit for Illumina 70700 70710 70720 70730 70740
16S V5-V7 Library Preparation Kit for Illumina 70800 70810 70820 70830 70840
16S V7-V9 Library Preparation Kit for Illumina 70900 70910 70920 70930 70940