For DNase digestion during RNA purification either on-column or in-solution

  • Convenient optimized on-column DNase treatment using Norgen's RNA Purification Kits
  • Also includes protocol for digestion in-solution followed by RNA Clean-Up
  • Guaranteed RNase-Free
  • Includes Enzyme Incubation Buffer
  • Cat. 25710 contains one vial of 1,600 units and Cat. 25720 contains 4 vials (1,600 units/vial)

ItemsCat. #Size
RNase-Free DNase I Kit 25710 50 reactions
RNase-Free DNase I Kit 25720 200 reactions

RNase-Free DNase I Kit

Norgen's RNA purification kits isolate total RNA with minimal amounts of genomic DNA contamination. However, for some sensitive downstream applications, it may be desirable to remove all traces of residual DNA. Norgen's RNase-free DNAse I Kit, with Enzyme Incubation Buffer, can be used for optional on-column DNase digestion with any of Norgen's RNA purification kits. Alternatively, after isolating total RNA using one of Norgen's RNA purification kits, the RNA elution can be treated with this DNase I. The RNA can then be purified from the DNase using Norgen's RNA Clean-Up and Concentration Kit (Cat# 23600), and the RNA can then be used in downstream applications.

Each RNase-Free DNase I Kit is supplied complete with sufficient enzyme and enzyme incubation buffer for 50 or 200 reactions.

Storage Conditions
The DNase I provided is in lyophilized form. It is stable for at least 3 months if stored at room temperature. However, it is recommended to store the DNase I vial at 2 – 8ºC (or below) upon receipt to maintain stability beyond 3 months. Buffer DR and Enzyme Incubation Buffer can be stored at room temperature. After reconstitution with Buffer DR (see product manual), the DNase I should be stored at -20ºC. All reagents should remain stable for at least 1 year in their unopened containers at the appropriate storage temperature.

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