For rapid purification of total RNA - including microRNA - without phenol

  • Extract high quality & purity total RNA including miRNA 
  • No phenol step required
  • Bind & elute all RNA irrespective of size or GC content, without bias
  • Efficiently extract small RNA irrespective of GC content
  • Very sensitive & linear down to a few cells without the need for carrier RNA
  • Convenient & fast spin column format
  • Isolate from a wide variety of specimens
  • Purified RNA is suitable for a variety of downstream applications, including Small RNA Sequencing. Find out more information on Norgen's NGS services

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NGS Service RNA Isolation Services

ItemsCat. #Size
Total RNA Purification Kit 17200 50 Preps
Total RNA Purification Kit 37500 100 preps
Total RNA Purification Kit 17250 250 preps

Total RNA Purification Kit

This kit is suitable for the isolation of total RNA from a range of samples including cells, bacteria, yeast, virus and bodily fluids including plasma/serum, blood, saliva, CSF and more. Extract high quality and purity RNA with excellent RIN values and A260/A280 suitable for downstream applications including qRT-PCR, RT-PCR, microarrays, NGS and more.

The kit purifies all sizes of RNA from large mRNA, lncRNA down to microRNA (miRNA) in the same fraction without the requirement of phenol.  Isolate all RNA sequences at an equal rate irrespective of size. Moreover, when the RNA sequences are small (e.g. miRNA), the column binds small RNAs regardless of their GC content.

Kit Specifications
Maximum Binding Capacity Per Column
Up to 50 μg RNA
Maximum Loading Volume Per Spin Column
650 μL
Size of RNA Purified
All sizes, including small RNA < 200 nt
Time to Complete 10 Purifications
20 minutes
Maximum Amount of Starting Material
Liver Tissue
10 mg
Heart Tissue
5 mg
Kidney Tissue
10 mg
Brain Tissue
25 mg
Lung Tissue
10 mg
Spleen Tissue
20 mg
Whole Blood
100 µL
Plasma/Serum 200 µL
Hela Cells
3 x 106
3 x 106
1 x 108 cells
1 x 109 cells
Bacteria  1 x 109 cells
≤ 50 mg
Plant Tissues
≤ 50 mg  
Plant Cells 5 x 106 cells
≤100 µL of viral suspension
Average Yield

HeLa Cells (1 x 10cells)

E. coli (1 x 109 cells)

15 μg 
50 μg

*For isolating Total RNA from larger amounts of tissue, please use Norgen's Animal Tissue RNA Purification Kit (Cat# 25700)

Storage Conditions and Product Stability
All solutions should be kept tightly sealed and stored at room temperature. These reagents should remain stable for at least 1 year in their unopened containers.

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